Oriol Gifra

Digital Marketing today is about understanding Cloudsumers

Oriol Gifra


If you are thinking of creating and launching a new startup, you might find my experience useful to you. Especially if you would like to learn from my mistakes. I have more than 15 years experience in startups, based on several million euros of investment.

Strategic Thinking

I will coach you step-by-step in starting up your new venture. Giving advice from real experience. Avoid same mistakes I did, and learn about the real practices.

I will help you in fine-tunning your vision and landing it to a real Business Plan.

Strategic Thinking

Operational Planning

What goes first? Some of the top issues why startups fail is the lack of resources, funding and clarity of the top priorities. Organization is key to avoid struggles.

I will help you in defining and managing the initial operations of the company.

Terra Networks Management Team

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Commercial Approach

The fact is, all business is about selling. No sales, no business. Even though your idea may be worth a million euros; if you don't have sales, your business will fail.

I will help you in designing a monetization strategy to make money in the short-term.

Terra Networks Management Team

Oriol Gifra


Preparing and implementing a successful digital strategy is a complex thing that needs both a gut-feeling and an analytical perspective. During my years as entrepreneur, I've learned the importance of digital marketing and how it can build a network and create new customers.

Digital Strategy

What is your company currently doing to ensure the success of its digital assets (websites, apps, campaigns...)?

I will help you in defining designing a strategic digital plan tailored to your business goals, and within your budget.

100 Year Starship Team

Customer Acquisition

What are the ingredients of a successful customer acquisition strategy? Do you have a customer acquisition plan?

I will help you in identifying the most adequate method for acquiring and retaining new users and/or customers.

100 Year Starship Team

Conversion Optimization

Nowadays most of the sites and online marketing campaigns are inadequate, and far from achieving good results.

I will help you in developing a successful conversion optimization strategy to maximize your conversion rates.

100 Year Starship Team

Oriol Gifra


Currently, I am combining my professional activities with educational duties, serving as Professor of Digital Marketing at several universities, academic institutions and business schools. I also give keynote presentations and workshops at conferences.

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Course

On-Demand Courses

This extensive professional course provides a deep understanding of what Digital Marketing is, including its specialities; SEO, SEM, SMM, analytics, business models, usability

Digital Marketing Seminars

Digital Marketing Seminar

In-Company Seminars

This intensive seminar provides a specialized knowledge and techniques for executives and managers who need to design and implement effective digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Knols

Digital Marketing Knol

Online Knols

This course is a one-to-one learning course, which will provide you a clear understanding of the digital marketing environment and how it functions. Check this out, The Digital Knol.